The First International Workshop on Wireless

Networks and mobile COMmunications

Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz 

December 25, 2013, Fes, Morocco. 


  • The first International Workshop on Wireless Networks and mobile COMmunications (WINCOM 2013) is dedicated to address the challenges in the areas of wireless networks & mobile communications. WINCOM 2013 will be held in Fez, Morocco, the spiritual capital city of Morocco, on December 25, 2013. The main purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and share experiences among researchers and professionals from industry and academia interested in wireless networks and mobile communications. Papers describing original research on both theoretical and practical aspects of wireless networks and mobile communications are solicited.
    WINCOM 2013 covers all types of wireless communications networks: cellular (both wide and local area networks), metropolitan, ad hoc (both dense and sparse), sensor, delay-tolerant, mesh, content-driven, vehicular, or any convex combination of the above. Contributions to the workshop should provide a significant improvement over the existing state-of-the-art for the design, analysis, and operational envelope of wireless networks, either by offering new insights on theoretical aspects (information-theoretic capacity, etc.), or by proposing novel practical optimization methods and tools.


Topics of Interest

Papers solicited in the WINCOM 2013 span a wide range of areas of interest

including but not limited to:

  • Wireless communication networks
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Wireless sensor networks, Mobile ad hoc networks, Wireless mesh networks, Vehicular ad hoc and Delay tolerant networks
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Internet of things
  • Next generation networks
  • Network economics
  • Next generation mobile networks (LTE Adv., Gigabit-WiMAX, UWB)
  • Wireless Routing Protocols
  • Mobility modeling and management
  • QoS management
  • Modeling, simulation, and performance analysis
  • Game theory applied to networking problems
  • Algorithmic aspects of wireless networking
  • Power-aware architectures, algorithms and protocols design
  • Security solutions for mobile networks
  • Green wireless network architectures and communication protocols
  • M2M Systems and Services