As you may know, the Journal of African Earth Sciences (JEAS) and the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) have strong relationships for a long time. We are linked by a MoU that aims to encourage and help African geoscientists to publish their results in a high-level international scientific journal. Many special issues have been already dedicated to several African meetings (CAG 17, El Jadida; CAG 24, Adis-Ababa; 3MA, Fez 2007, 3MA, Agadir 2015…).
We have had a first contact during CAG 27 at Aveiro Portugal with Mr Damien Delvaux, Editor-in-Chief of JEAS and discussed about the opportunity to prepare a special issue. We got an agreement in principle. We propose the following title:
The growth of African Continental Crust through geological times. African Cratons and their margins.
During 2019, we will prepare a strong proposition, as guest editors, and submit it to the JEAS editors.