Nearly all the witnesses of African crust evolution from the Archean to present times are well exposed in Morocco recording the main related orogenic cycles. Reguibet shield has well exposed Archaen and Paleoproterozoïc terranes. Panafrican units outcrop in Ouled Dlim area, west of Reguibat shield. From Paleoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic terranes and their greenstone belts are famous in Anti-Atlas structural domain with their Phanerozoïc cover. The Variscan orogeny can be easily studied (Palaeozoic terranes are slightly affected by alpine orogenic cycle) in Eastern and Western Mesetas. The Atlas system provide a well exposed Mesozoic to Cenozoic sedimentary series deformed during the Alpine orogenic cycle and representing a part of the break-up of Pangea in Africa. Finally, the Rif belt which is a part of Gibraltar orogenic arc is the more recent orogen in Africa. Morocco is also one of the richest countries in meteorites falls.

Moroccan Structural domains (in Michard et al. 2008)

Nine volumes of geological and mining guide books have been edited through the Moroccan Geological Survey

They are:

  • Volume 1_Introducing the tours. Overview of the Geology of Morocco.
  • Volume 2_High Atlas and Anti-Atlas, Eastern Tour
  • Volume 3_Anti-Atlas and High Atlas, western loop.
  • Volume 4_Middle Atlas
  • Volume 5_Central and North-Western Rif Belt
  • Volume 6_Western Anti-Atlas and Saharan Provinces
  • Volume 7_Western High Atlas
  • Volume 8_North-Western Meseta
  • Volume 9_Main Mines of Morocco
Many authors of these excellent guides are implicated in CAG 28 preparation comprising the fieldtrips and related cultural programs.
During these visits, delegates will have the opportunity to experience Moroccan cultures both Arabic and Amazigh with their historical references, traditions, folk arts, handicrafts, the famous Moroccan cuisine, places of tourist interest, wildlife and much more.
Preconference short fieldtrips (1-2 days) in areas close de Fez city: Rif, Middle Atlas, Haute Moulouya and North eastern part of Variscan Central Massif, and Preconfrence Post conference long fieldtrips in 3 to 4 days guided tours in the main geological domains of Morocco. postconference
They will be catered at reasonable budget. Fees and modalities of fieldtrips will be prepared and communicated as soon as possible.
It will be also possible to schedule a “Moroccan Transect” from North to South crosscutting all the geological domains of Morocco.