The continental Precambrian crust of Africa consists of three kinds of terranes Fig. 1:
Cratons, Orogenic Mobiles Belts and Metacratons (Abdussalam et al., 2002; Liégeois et al. 2012). - The Cratons are stable areas which have not undergone tectonic events for a long time. They are formed by Paleoproterozoic and/or Archean terrains. Such stability is attributed to the presence of a thick lithospheric mantle which provides high rigidity to the cratons.
- The Panafrican orogenic belts (mobile belts) are made up of Neoproterozoic terrains, juvenile in origin (from the mantle) and composed of various formations: ophiolites and granitoids, linked to subduction-collision zones, assemblies of island arc types or margins passive continental ones which allowed the reconstruction of their evolution according to the Phanerozoic models of plate tectonics.
- Metacratons, introduced by Abdussalam et al. (2002), represent areas of cratons remobilized during orogenic events but which are still recognizable by their rheological, geochronological and isotopic characteristics.

Fig. 1.
Located on the Northwest edge of the West African Craton (WAC), the Anti-Atlas belt is an appropriate example to illustrate a catronic domain and its mobile belt, represented by the southwestern and northeastern domains and located respectively on both sides of the "Major Anti-Atlas Fault " (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

The Program :
Day 1: Drive to Ouarzazate Via Midelt and Errachidia: crossing of the Eastern High Atlas montains Night 1: in Ouaarzazate:
Day 2: Bou-Azzer inlier : a geological section through the ophiolitic complex and associated formations. Night 2: in Agdz
Day 3:
Morning: Visit of the Cobalt mine of Bouazzer
Afternoon: Double unconformity of Tizi N’Taghatine and the Ediacaran series of the Ouarzazate Group. Night 3: in Taliouine
Day 4:
Morning : Ighrem inlier, Quartzites and limestones series of Taghdoute group. recently dated dated at c. 1.6 Ga.
Afternoon: Kerdous Inlier, Ameln valley : the thrust of the quartzites (equivalent of Taghdoute groupe) on the Paleoproterozoic basement (lion's head: natural sculpture in the quartzites )
Night 4: Tafraoute
Day 5:
Morning: Tafraout granites and Paleoproterozoic basement: (Napoleon's hat at Aguerd N'oudad (the neck of the deer), and painted granites.
Afternoon –drive to Agadir
Night 5: Agadir:
Day 6:
drive to Casablanca airport then to Fez.
Leaders: Moha IKENNE and Mustapha SOUHASSOU
Minimum participants: 12
Fees: 500 Euros, all inclusive
Accommodation: provided in 3 * Hotels
For further information please contact Prof. Moha Ikkene at: and